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Japan's No.1 app for eczema (atopic dermatitis) patients.
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Control your eczema!

Track and investigate symptons using pictures


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Atopic dermatitis visualization app-Atopiyo-App Store

3 Key Benefits
1. Control your eczema, and prevent worsening symptoms
2. Find others with the same symptoms
3. Ask Japan's largest eczema community*

​​*24,000 downloads (as of August 2023)

Top 3 Features
1. 55,000 images of eczema symptoms*
2. Free, anonymous, and ad-free
3. Developed by a former ezcema patient

​*as of August 2023
3 Easy Ways To Use
1. Easily record your hands, food, and medicine by simply taking photos
2. No need to organize photos. Photos can also be tracked privately.
3. Easy search by body part and symptoms


​What is Atopiyo?

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Atopiyo aims to support the early recovery of people suffering from atopic dermatitis (eczema), by harnessing the power of images, and not only text. Atopiyo is the first app in Japan to allow anonymously tracking and sharing of skin symptoms, itching, and skin care unique to eczema.


Atopiyo was launched in the App Store in July 2018 by Ryotaro Ako, a former eczema patient, and has won 10 awards including the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare's “Extend your healthy life expectancy! Award”. It has grown into one of the largest apps for atopic dermatitis patients in Japan, with 24,000 downloads and 55,000 posted images as of August 2023. The app has received positive feedback from from users, with an average rating of 4.4 (out of 5) on the App Store.

​Awards, Publications,
and Updates


App menu

My page


Atopiyo Home
Atopiyo Home
You can compare everyone's latest posts with previous posts to support and comment on their journey.
Left image: Latest post, Right Image: Past posts
You can support by clicking ✊🏻 and commenting by clicking 💬 below the photo.
*You can delete or edit your own posts/comments using the … button on the top right of the post.


Atopiyo search


Atopiyo search

"Symptoms" can be searched by keyword, and "body part / category" can be filtered by button. The 9 filterable categories are "neck and above", "front", "back", "arms'', and "legs", "Medicine”, “Lotion/Makeup”, “Food”, and “Others.”


Posted by Atopiyo
Posted by Atopiyo
Posted by Atopiyo

Launch your camera or photo library in one tap to post. When you select a category, you can check past images by scrolling to the right.

*You can use the "private" function to keep images private.

*Photos taken in Atopiyo are saved in the cloud, and do not remain on your device. ​

*You can delete or edit your own posts/comments using the … button on the top right of the post.


Atopiyo notification
Atopiyo notification

Comments on your own posts can be opened immediately by tapping the push notifications

✊🏻 Support and 💬 comments for your own post will be displayed in a list​

​My page

Atopiyo My Page
Atopiyo My Page
Atopiyo My Page

You can check your treatment progress at a glance.

You can delete or edit your own posts and comments by clicking on the... button at the top right of the post.

You can change your concerns and treatment policy from "Change" button.

​App Details

App name: Atopic dermatitis visualization app - Atopiyo
Usage fee: Free *Anonymous/No in-app advertisements
Developer: Atopiyo LLC
Distribution store: Google Play / App Store

Distribution date: August 22, 2023 / July 25, 2018

Category/Age Restriction: Medical/12 years old or older / Medical/17 years old or older

​ *If the age limit applies, parents can use it to manage their child's symptoms.

Latest version: 2.2.4

Atopic dermatitis visualization app-Atopiyo-App Store

*Atopiyo is not an app that provides treatment or medical treatment. Although participants have chosen various treatments, Atopiyo does not recommend any particular treatment. Additionally, Atopiyo and pharmaceutical companies are not involved in any photos or texts related to drugs that users post within the app.

*iPhone, App Store and App Store logo are trademarks of Apple Inc. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.

*Android, Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.


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Ryotaro AKO

Former atopic dermatitis patient. Developer. Masters degree in engineering. Certified public accountant.


Because of his experience with three allergic diseases: atopic dermatitis, asthma, and rhinitis, he engaged in volunteer activities at patient groups. He then developed this app after interviewing people with atopic dermatitis, with input from pharmacist Akiko Ako and the guidance and supervision of developers.


After completing the master's program at Keio University Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Ryotaro passed the certified public accountant examination. After working at Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC and Renova Co., Ltd., he then established Atopiyo LLC.



After his experience of suffering from atopic dermatitis in childhood, Ryotaro Ako learned programming and developed "Atopiyo", an app for visualizing atopic dermatitis, based on interviews with people with atopic dermatitis, the opinions of pharmacist Akiko Ako, and the guidance and supervision of programmers.


With atopic dermatitis, the itching continues even when you sleep 24 hours a day, and since the symptom can draw other people's attention, it can have a big impact on your mental health. This app aims to provide support for early recovery by providing a place for people suffering from atopic dermatitis to (1) control their symptoms and (2) exchange information with each other. The aim is to collaborate with pharmaceutical companies, medical institutions, etc., and contribute to research, research, product development, and disease awareness in the field of atopic dermatitis.

​Operating company

Atopiyo LLC operates Atopiyo, one of the largest apps for atopic dermatitis patients in Japan. The company develops and manages investigation, research, product development, and raising awareness in the atopic dermatitis field in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies, medical institutions, etc.

Company name: Atopiyo LLC
Address: 5-13-33 Myoden, Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture 272-0111
Representative: Ryotaro AKO
Establishment date: March 15, 2021

Business details:In the field of atopic dermatitis

Software development

Information processing and information provision services

Support for surveys, research, product development, and disease awareness


*We do not monitor or advertise commercially available products.

Inquiries, Terms, Research

Representative: Ryotaro AKO
TEL: +81-70-8932-1623

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