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terms of service

These Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the ``Terms'') are provided by Atopiyo LLC (hereinafter referred to as the ``Company'') to ``Atopiyo Visualization App - Atopiyo'' (hereinafter referred to as ``the App''). This set forth the terms of use for the overall services provided through the Service (hereinafter referred to as the "Service"), and the terms of use between the Company and the customers who use the Service (hereinafter referred to as the "Users"). Applies to all relationships related to the use of.

1. This service supports the early recovery of people suffering from atopic dermatitis through this app that allows you to anonymously record and share skin symptoms specific to atopic dermatitis, and in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions, The purpose is to contribute to research, research, product development, and disease awareness in the field of atopic dermatitis.

2. This app is not an app that provides treatment or medical treatment. Although we have participants who have chosen a variety of treatments, we do not recommend any particular treatment. Furthermore, neither our company nor pharmaceutical companies are involved in any way with photos or texts related to drugs posted by users within this service.

3. Each user shall be responsible for all activities that occur within the Service based on their account, and buying and selling of accounts (including user names, etc.) is prohibited. Each user shall have an account, and it is not possible to have multiple accounts. If the target users are different, such as parent and child siblings, you can create separate accounts even if they are using the same device.

4. Violent or obscene photographs or texts, graphic photographs or texts of blood, organs, excrement, sexual body fluids, underwear, etc. (Due to the current symptoms of atopic dermatitis, blood or exudate may be attached to the skin, etc.) It is prohibited to post within this service any information that may make other users uncomfortable, such as (excluding cases in which the user is a user), or information that suggests suicide or self-harm. These targeted posts may be deleted or made private.

5. It is prohibited to obstruct the stable development of the community within this service by posting photos or texts unrelated to atopic dermatitis. These targeted posts may be deleted or made private.  

6. Even if there are photos or texts related to atopic dermatitis, it is prohibited to post them without mentioning the source or source and that excessively arouses users' anxiety about atopic dermatitis treatment. Also, please refrain from posting for the purpose of directing people to other SNS, video distribution sites, blogs, etc. These targeted posts may be deleted or made private.  

7. It is prohibited to engage in acts of nuisance, such as negating or slandering other users of this service. These targeted posts and comments may be deleted or made private.  

8. Posts and comments reported by other users may be deleted or made private after determining the appropriateness in light of these Terms and Privacy Policy.  

9. Except in cases approved by the Company, inquiries and requests regarding this service should be made using the inquiry form and request form within this application. Inquiries and requests made via posting forms and comments may be deleted or made private.

10. Unless approved by our company, it is prohibited to post information for commercial purposes such as monitoring surveys, promotions, and advertisements, as well as information about group activities and events related to atopic dermatitis, regardless of whether they are for commercial purposes, within this service. Masu. These targeted posts and comments may be deleted or made private. Additionally, corporate and group accounts are prohibited unless approved by the Company.

11. The Company may display photos and information that are set to be public in official SNS, official press releases, official website, TV, newspapers, magazines, web articles, etc. However, photos and information that can identify an individual, such as a full face photo, will be mosaiced or excluded.

12. Each user may use the photos and information that they post or record within this service free of charge (reproduction, copying, modification, sublicensing to a third party, etc.) regardless of whether they are set to public or private. (including all uses of the work), and shall not claim any moral rights. However, photos and information that can identify an individual, such as a full face photo, will be mosaiced or excluded.

13. Collecting personal information of other users within this service is prohibited.  

14. It is prohibited to leak the password belonging to each user to a third party.  

15. It is prohibited to disseminate spam information or viruses within this service.

16. If malicious use such as violation of these Terms is found, the Company may suspend the user's use of the Service.

17. Each user may withdraw from membership at any time by applying through the inquiry form within this application. In this case, each user must delete unnecessary photos and information.

18. Each user shall use this service at his or her own risk, and the Company shall not be responsible for any damage caused to any user.

19. Our company has the right to suspend or cancel all services provided within this service, and we do not guarantee any damages incurred by users.

20. Japanese law shall be the governing law when interpreting these Terms.In the event that a dispute arises regarding this service, the court with jurisdiction over the location of our company's head office will be the exclusive court of first instance.

Publication of research contents

Regarding the operation of the disease awareness site within this app

1. Within this app, a disease awareness site related to atopic dermatitis will be operated by a pharmaceutical company.

2. The Company does not assume any responsibility for the information provided to users through the operation of the above disease awareness site within this application.

3. The operation of the above disease awareness site within this app is strictly for the purpose of disease awareness by pharmaceutical companies, and our company does not recommend any specific treatment.


Improvements and changes to these Terms

1. The Company shall review the operational status as appropriate and strive for continuous improvement, and may change these Terms as necessary.

2. Unless otherwise specified, the revised Terms will become effective from the time they are posted on this website.

3. If the User uses the Service after the Terms have been changed, the User shall be deemed to have agreed to the changes to the Terms.

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